Projects in Development

Robert and Jamie, screenplay, drama

Screenplays I’m Currently Writing

Short film, drama

Feature film, crime drama

TV series, crime drama

Other Writing Projects

Robert and Jamie, stage play, drama

Radio play, negative utopia

Radio play, drama

Children’s picture book


My short film script ‘Robert and Jamie’ got to the final of the 2015 IdeasTap 4K Film Fund and just missed out on funding, and made it to the final 40 in the 2019 UK Film Festival 10 Minute Screenplay Competition.

If you’re a producer excited by the prospect of working on an emotive coming-of-age live action drama, please get in touch at or via the contact form below.

I’m also always interested in meeting other filmmakers. If you think we’d work well together, feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you asap.