I’m Melissa, a pocket-sized person with big ideas. I live to write, and also enjoy: film and TV, music, reading, the gym, yoga, cowboy boots, and dreaming (the kind when you’re asleep).

Six Succinct Reasons On Why I’m Your Girl:

  • Don’t be fooled by my exotic name, I don’t speak a word of Italian. English is my first language and beautifully styled English you will get, capiche?

  • I have a First Class English Literature with Creative Writing degree (a sleep-deprived, sedentary period of my life that we won’t talk about), and made third place in the UK Film Festival 10 Minute Screenplay Competition 2021 (so close, yet so far…).

  • I’ve worked as copywriter and social media executive and am an IPA Creative Summer School graduate with placement experience at LIDA and M&C Saatchi Export under my belt.

  • I love researching things. Yes, it’s true what you heard, I did take part in a robot experiment.

  • I have buckets of empathy so I can put myself in your shoes whether you want content that’s hard-hitting and emotive, ultra professional, or has oodles of personality.

  • And most importantly, I have sky-high standards, beat deadlines, and work really hard because I care about the work I do.

Check out my Copywriting, Music Videos and Filmmaking pages to see how we can collaborate.